Highlander Glass Pipe
Highlander Glass Pipe
Highlander Glass Pipe
Highlander Glass Pipe
Highlander Glass Pipe
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Highlander Glass Pipe
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Highlander Glass Pipe

The Highlander Glass Pipe by Weedstar brings a fantastic creation which will massively benefit even the strongest of draggers.

Thanks to the cut disc diffuser, the water will always swirl like a tornado meaning that the water won't reach your mouth.
Made from 3.2mm thick borosilicate glass, standing at just 13cm tall this is a small but solid bubbler which comes with a slanted flat cut body base providing it with more stability.
The mouthpiece is flared, reinforced and comfortable finished off with the Weedstar logo.
The Highlander comes with an 18.8mm female fixed downstem and an 18.8mm glass bowl.
This is a perfect bubbler for anyone wanting the great performance of a fixed disc diffuser in an easy to use, hand held form.

Technical Specification

Height: 13cm

Base Diameter: 13cm

Neck Diameter: 30mm

Material: Borosilicate Glass

Glass Thickness: 3.2mm

Joint Type: Female

Joint Size: 18.8mm

Percolator: Cutter

Ice Notches: No

Carb Hole: No

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