Heisenberg Lady Killer
Heisenberg Lady Killer
Heisenberg Lady Killer
Heisenberg Lady Killer
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Heisenberg Lady Killer
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Heisenberg Lady Killer

The Lady Killer brought to you by Heisenberg is a smaller waterpipe with a total height of 23cm, meaning it is small enough to comfortably carry around with you but big enough to still pack a punch.

It has a simple but effective design of a beaker base with bent neck which also makes it easy to clean. 

The Lady Killer has a 3.2mm glass thickness and comes with a female 14.5mm downstem. It also has a carb hole for when you want to clear those big hits fast.

Finished with the Heisenberg logo, the Lady Killer is ideal for anyone wanting a straight forward smoking experience that will ensure satisfaction everytime.

Technical Specifications

Height: 230mm

Base Diameter: 110mm

Neck Diameter: 40mm

Material: Glass

Glass Thickness: 3.2mm

Joint Type: Female

Joint Size: 14.5mm

Joint Angle: 45°

Downstem Length: 110mm

Ice Notch: No

Percolator: No

Carb Hole: Yes

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