10 Mixed Rolling Papers
10 Mixed Rolling Papers
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10 Mixed Rolling Papers
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10 Mixed Rolling Papers

Perfect for anyone who prefers to smoke a traditional roll-up, we have put together a selection of papers to ensure you have always got spares to hand. With a mixture of brands, sizes and style of papers, we are sure you will already love some of the papers included and maybe even find a newly preferred paper. This bundle includes the following packs:
1 x Smoking Master King Size Extra Slim Silver Papers
1 x OCB Unbleached Virgin Rolls Slim
1 x OCB Regular Size Premium Papers
1 x Regular Size 'My Fucking Rolling Papers'
1 x Rizla Regular Papers - Pink
1 x Aleda King Size Transparent Papers
1 x Skunk Brand 1.5 Size Hemp Papers
1 x SMK King Size Slim Ultra Fine Papers
1 x OCB No.4 White Papers Double Pack
1 x 1Back King Size Transparent Papers

Whether you are looking to treat yourself or a friend, at a discounted price compared to buying them individually, this mixture of papers is the perfect gift for any smoker!

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